Roosevelt Elementary "Kids"

In Chairs:  Ruby (Kahler) Craig, Alice (Hesse) Broers & Lorelei (Larson) Fritsche

Middle:  Sheryl (Frantz) Burleson, Sharon (Skarlis) Beckwith, Dee (Thorpe) Lambert & JoAnn (St.Peter) Rockufeler

Back:  Dennis Krieger, Jack Fish, Linda (Manlove) Johnson, Judy (Erickson) Davisson & David Axeen        

Friday Night Pictures


Jack Fish resting up for Friday Nite  

 Norman Jean (Newell) Hallman & Judy (Maxwell) Lutes

(Linda (Manlove) Johnson and Alice (Hesse) Broers in background)



Pat (Margulies) Cahill, Romaine (DiLallo) Gunther, Monte Smith & JoAnn (St.Peter) Rockufeler

Bonnie & Lee Gilmore, Steve &  Anne (Meyer) Sinner 


Friday Night Registration:   Dave & Susan (Paul) Warner & Sharon (Skarlis) Beclwith

Background people:  Ron Hanson, Jack Fish, Lee Gilmore, Gordon Beckwith sitting, Mike Broers, Robert Kahler & Doug McMannes

Jim Cahill & Tomyas Anderson


 Glenn Warner, Lloyd Kellar and Chuck Deeny

Registration Friday Night:  Sharon (Skarlis) Beckwith with Gene & Roselyn (Rasmussen) Pettey

From left in front of table:  Nick Magnani, Kay Johnson, David Johnson talking to Dave Warner, Susan (Paul) Warner talking to Judy (Maxwell) Lutes,

Back Table:  Joy Drennen, Alice (Hesse) Broers, Connie (Corless) Sharp & Alex Beloff III

Ron Romig & Lucy & Jim Huber

Shutterbug Jim Osegaro

Bonnie & Lee Gilmore in background

Romaine (DiLallo) Gunther, Pat (Margulies) Cahill & Nancy (Clark) Johnson

Bill Green & Ron Romig

Background:  Linda (Manlove) Johnson, Connie (Corliss) Sharp, John Ebbers & Judy Kirstein


Jim Cahill & Ralph Norris

Off to the side:  Nick Magnani & Dave Johnson  

Nancy (Anderson) Sliger, Linda (Manlove) Johnson & Alice (Hesse) Broers


Saturday Night


Harold & Rose Kuppinger, Maggie (Gallo) Graham & Nancy Smith

Chuck Kuhlemeier behind Maggie

Linda (Manlove) Johnson, Lorelei (Larson) Fritsche & Sheryl (Frantz) Burleson



Ron Martin, Susie Martin and Dave McLaughlin

Judy (Crew) McDonough and Judy (Erickson) Davisson


Ron Martin, Dave Warner & Dave McLaughlin

Judy (Erickson) & Ron Davisson & Jim Huber

Jerry Kirstein, Nick Miller, Susan (Paul) Warner & Mary Ellen (Swanson) Salinas

Dave Johnson & Tony Coloff



 Ron Hanson, Maxine (Wong) Curtis, Judy (Maxwell) Lutes & Dee (Thorpe) Lambert

Mary Ellen (Swanson) Salinas, Judy (Crew) McDonough, Tony Coloff & Maxine (Wong) Curtis

-?-, Mike & Leoma Bastian & -?-

Jerry Kirstein & Mary Ellen (Swanson) Salinas


Ron & Judy (Erickson) Davisson, Judy (Crew) McDonough & Linda (Manlove) Johnson